Equipment in Studio

This is a list of the photo studio lighting equipment available for use at City Centre Studio.
All equipment is included in the standard rental price.
Please contact us to discuss specific requests.

2 x 400W headsBelfast photo studio for hire
3 x 300W heads
3 x  Radio Trigger
1 x  40 cm Beauty Dish
1 x Grid Diffuser for Beauty Dish
2 x 90 cm Umbrellas
2 x 120 cm Umbrellas
1 x 140 cm Octabox with grid
1 x 60×60 cm Softbox
1 x 80×120 cm Softbox
2 x Polyboards with stands
Posing table and Cubelite for product shooting
Wall mounted backdrop system
2 x Reflectors (silver, gold, white, black)
2 x camera tripods
Backgrounds in white and black colours. Other colours available on request
Iron / Iron table
Iphone and any mini jack devices speakers
3 x folding tables
6 x folding chairs
Sofa / Seating Area
Tea/coffee making facilities, water, separate kitchen with fridge
Mirror and Make-up desk
Clothes rail

Car park for visitors at weekends, 1min walk from studio (Sat. £4 all day, Sun. FREE)
weekdays, 5min walk from studio £6 all day
or at the street on front of our building.
Cafe/restaurant in the building



Belfast photo studio for hire